Dreams of a Low Carbon Future

Ever wondered what the future will look like?

Concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet?

We asked hundreds of school children, writers, scientists, engineers and comic artists to visualise their ideas.

These ideas formed the basis for a graphic novel entitled ‘Dreams of a Low Carbon Future’, published in 2013. This 100 page colour graphic novel was created as a free educational resource; 6,000 copies were circulated to schools, museums, galleries, and given to members of the public at science and cultural festivals. It was shortlisted for the NCCPE Engage Awards 2014 in the category ‘Engaging Young People in Science’. The project was supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering INGENIOUS scheme for public engagement.

Download the original graphic novel (2013)

We have now completed a sequel, entitled ‘A Dream of a Low Carbon Future’, launching November 2016.

Download the sequel (2016)

Whereas the previous graphic novel examined many versions of the future (both bad and good), the new graphic novel explores in depth a positive, sustainable future for the UK in the year 2150, through art and stories.

One of the aims of the ‘Dreams’ projects is to develop engineering researchers’ communication skills, by enabling them to work with members of the public to explore visions of a sustainable ‘low carbon’ future society.

We hope that through this work awareness of the issues of energy, resources and climate change will be increased.

The new graphic novel is being circulated to schools and museums throughout the UK, as well as selected comics shops, and will be available at Thought Bubble Comics Festival 5/6 November 2016, as well as Leeds Science Festival on University of Leeds campus March 2017.

How incredibly refreshing to have a book about the future that is wonderfully positive, whilst remaining wholly realistic about the challenges that lie ahead. It’s so creatively designed and executed, and so full of provocative and fascinating ideas, that it provides the perfect antidote to all those who feel crushed by despair at the still worsening fate of our dear and precious Planet.

Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future

Artwork by Corban Wilkin