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James Hammerton

Project Title: The Use of Char Slurries as Fuel in Developing Countries


James joined the DTC in 2013 after graduating from Warwick University with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his time as an undergraduate, he undertook research projects in energy efficient adsorption water chillers and 3D printing.

PhD Project

James' research looks at the potential for blending charcoal micro-particles with diesel and use it for powering diesel generators in rural areas of developing countries. The aim is to maximise the amount of electricity that can be produced from the limited and expensive diesel with much cheaper and locally available charcoal. His project began with an investigation of what materials and carbonisation methods could be used to create a material that could be milled to the required fineness. The final stage is test the performance of a diesel generator running these fuels. The key questions at this point is whether the charcoal can be used as an additive to improve the combustion of diesel and if it can burn cleanly and efficiently when added in high concentrations.